We spoke of a new band, and of a new album.

Well, the good news is that is has finally come to light.

Check out Turner and Mike's new band Woodhawk!

You can listen to the new album here.

The Ending

The End... It saddens us to tell you all that the news we shared last night at the show was, that it was one of our last shows. We are throwing in the towel and will cease to exist as a band.

We have a had more fun and done so much in this band than we ever could have imagined. We have done multiple cross Canada tours from coast to coast, gotten on the radio, played alongside some of our favorite bands, and we couldn't have done it without all of your support.

Through the years you have stood by us and that is something we will never forget. The impact this band and you all have had on us something to remember. And for that we thank you.

With all bad news comes good.

We will be playing one last show in October with some very close friends of ours at Verns. Finish it where we started!

We do all have new bands we are currently working at. One of which will actually see the release of the album we recorded. As our genre started to change, and we started to make a new band, we realized that the album would be better fit under a new name and new outfit. So it will see the light of day!

We will keep you posted on everything that is happening with the new bands on this page for the next little while, so keep following!

See you on the other side!

Shotgun Dolls R.I.P 2010 - 2013